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Dental Bonding

Our tooth bonding material comes in many shades and allows our dentist to match it closely to the patient’s natural teeth color.
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What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure in which a dentist uses a composite ceramic resin for a variety of cosmetic and structural purposes among which can be to repair chipped, broken, or decayed teeth, fill gaps, reshape teeth, and recolor them.  Tooth bonding material comes in many shades and allows the dentist to match it closely to the patient’s natural tooth color.

The teeth bonding procedure begins with the dentist texturizing the tooth’s enamel.  This allows the resin to bond properly to the tooth.  Then the resin is placed on the tooth and cured with a high intensity light which hardens the resin in just minutes. The process is repeated in layers until the dentist is able to achieve the thickness and contour that he intends. The procedure takes slightly longer than traditional fillings because of the layering process. However, it results in an incredibly natural look and feel.  The entire process in Hidden Smiles Dentistry  typically takes one to two hours depending on the treatment required.

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