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Fixed Bridges

Our dental fixed bridges are popular and cost-efficient way to replace missing teeth!
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Dental fixed bridges are permanent fittings used to replace missing teeth. As the name implies, these offer a bridge to fill in a missing tooth or teeth.

There are different types of fixed bridges for teeth available, but the most preferred in our office is the “traditional bridge”. This makes use of tooth-colored porcelain material combined with metal.

A traditional bridge involves two crowns capping two teeth that serve as anchors or the so-called “abutment teeth”. In the middle is a pontic or artificial tooth that aims to seal the gap created by a missing tooth.



Here are reasons why you should get the best dental bridges treatment:

  1. Eliminate the gap left behind by a missing tooth.
  2. It is a permanent dental appliance compared to a removable partial denture.
  3. It prevents the neighboring teeth from getting out of place due to the space made by the lost tooth.
  4. Your speech is improved.
  5. You can bite and chew more comfortably.
  6. The facial tissue on your lips won’t be pushed back due to a missing arch of teeth.
  7. You no longer have to hide that missing tooth when you smile.
  8. It is sturdy and normally lasts for many years.



    The fixed bridges for teeth treatment involves at least two visits to our Revive Smiles Dentistry dental bridges specialist in Seattle. Here are the things that you should expect:

    First Visit

    First, an anesthetic is applied to make the teeth numb. Then the enamel of each anchoring tooth is cut to allow the placement of the crown. At the same time, an impression or mold is made of the area where the bridge will be positioned. After that, a temporary bridge will be fitted on the patient until the permanent bridge is finished.

    Second Visit

    The temporary bridge is replaced with a permanent one. The dentist adjusts the bridge to achieve a proper fit and make sure that the patient is comfortable with its placement.

    During this time, the dentist may opt for a temporary cement to keep the bridge in place while the teeth and tissue in the mouth of the patient gets accustomed to the new appliance. On the succeeding visit, a permanent cement will be applied on the bridge to fix its position.

    Maintenance of Dental Fixed Bridges

    Be sure to follow the tips given by our staff on how to care for your new bridge to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Brush and floss your teeth properly plus be sure to make follow up visits to your dentist to maintain the quality of your new bridge.


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