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Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth or plenty of teeth? Are you having problems chewing because of misaligned teeth? The best dental implants provided by Revive Smiles Dentistry offer a great solution to these problems so that you can bring back that precious smile once more.

About Dental Implants

A dental implant helps in filling up the gap left behind by a missing tooth. This is a permanent solution, and can also be applied to removable dentures.

The dental implants in Seattle come as synthetic roots and teeth that make use of titanium materials. These are positioned into the top or bottom jaw bone by a dentist or a periodontist who specializes in the gums and supporting bones of the mouth.


A dental implant offers plenty of benefits to patients such as:

  1. It replaces the lost tooth or an arch of missing teeth.
  2. Biting and chewing are easier.
  3. Implants help prevent the shifting of the neighboring healthy teeth into the gap made by a missing tooth.
  4. Your speech is improved.
  5. It reinforces your dental bridge or denture.
  6. The form of the lips is retained due to the enhancement of facial tissues.
  7. You can smile with confidence.

How It Works

Opting for dental implants means you have to make multiple visits to your dentist. This may last for several months, but the result is long-lasting.

Here are the things that you should expect on the duration of the treatment:

Step 1

A series of X-rays of the jaw and teeth are taken, and molds are made based on the scan. The results serve as references of the dentist in determining the structure of your bones, gums and the placement of the implant.

Step 2

An anesthetic is used on the targeted part of the implant. The surgery takes place while the area is numb wherein the implant is inserted into the bone. You will have to wait as the operation heals and the dental implant fuses naturally with your bone.

In some instances, an extra trip to the dentist is required for another surgery that will put a “post” into the artificial tooth. This serves as a support for the implant. However, the consequent visit is no longer needed if the type of dental implant you have chosen already places both the post and the anchor simultaneously during the initial operation.

Step 3

After the healing process, the artificial tooth is created and fixed into the post area of the anchor. This may involve a series of fittings, so the whole procedure might last for a month or two. You will have to wait again for the healing process.

Step 4

The artificial tooth is finally locked securely to the implant. This will help ensure the stability of the synthetic tooth and guarantee your comfort.

Step 5

Follow the advice of your dentist pertaining to your oral hygiene, the foods you are allowed to eat and the maintenance of your dental implant. Be sure to make regular visits to the dental clinic to get the best results and enhance the lifespan of your dental implant.